Plastic Injection Molding and Custom Plastic Fabrication

Plasticworks is committed to working with your company to find the best process with which to produce your custom plastic components. Whether you need plastic injection molding, custom plastic fabrication, vacuum forming, plastic extrusion or any of our other many services you can count on Plasticworks' Service, Quality and Flexibility.

Supplier of Custom Plastic Parts

We utilize a wide range of plastic manufacturing methods and offer assembly, part decorating and secondary operations. Our service oriented plastic manufacturing sales force will work closely with you to provide solutions, assist you with part design and material selection, and recommend methods to manufacture your parts in the most economical way given your project parameters. From prototypes to low and high volume production, come to Plasticworks for Service, Quality and the Flexibility to meet your custom plastic manufacturing requirements.
plastic injection molding manufacturers
Plasticworks Inc. is a supplier of custom plastic parts utilizing various processes such as plastic injection molding, plastic extrusion,
plastic fabrication, plastic vacuum forming, low cost tooling, plastic stamping, rotational molding, blow molding and clamshell packaging.

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